Share Bitcoin Price. Earn Money

Bit Announcer is a Bitcoin price rendering platform. Guest and members can check the prices of Bitcoin for real time live prices.

As a member, you are given a unique price link. Share the price link on social media. When someone uses your price link to check the price of Bitcoin, you get paid per view.

You are paid $10 CPM. This is $10 per 1,000 price checks. It's that simple. Share your price link and when people check the price of Bitcoin using your check here price link, you get paid.

Payment is with Bitcoin. We pay monthly. All your earnings for a month are paid to you at the end of the month. Payment is in Bitcoins.

We make money from ads placed on the price check page. Advertisers pay us to place their banners and interstitial ads on the price check page. From the ad revenue, we pay you $10 per 1,000 price checks. A CPM of $10.

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